A celebration of International Women’s Day


Flores y Lazos

Flores y Lazos (Flowers and Ribbons) uses high-quality recycled materials to create unique, hand-made flowers for special occasions. Owner Carmen Moreno believes in the power of flowers to bring harmony, happiness, warmth, light, peace, and love. She developed her passion into a business with clients including restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and offices in the Washington, DC area.


SamiChakra is a connector between producers and consumers for products that have a traceable story of genetic heritage preservation as well as clean and socially responsible practices. SamiChakra is a connector between producers and consumers for products that have a traceable story of genetic heritage preservation as well as clean and socially responsible practices.


Beautycounter’s mission is to get safe products into the hands of everyone because everything you use absorbs into your body through your skin. Beautycounter advocates for safer products, generally and also have our own line of high-performing skincare, cosmetics, and items for the whole family.

Vladlena Design

In today’s world, women have to be courageous and strong. We forget that sometimes we just want to be fragile and gentle creatures, and to feel the love and support of our man. So, Vlada created a collection with the goal of making ladies feel comfortable embracing their passion, femininity and gentle nature – a counterbalance to a sometimes cold and unforgiving outside world.


We help people smile when they look in the mirror, thanks to my partnership with Rodan+Fields. This dermatological micro-franchise helps women, men and teens have the most radiant skin of their lives and age at a snail’s pace. The products are the brainchild of the female docs who created and launched ProActiv internationally. Through their direct-to-consumer business structure.

Yasmine Iskander Art

“For Yasmine, art is a fundamental way to communicate her extraordinary life journey, with developmental challenges and a complex medical history.
Her collectors purchase her art because of its originality, passion, boldness and the joy and optimism it inspires.”

Mayra's Designs

Single mother of two amazing kids, she works as dressmaker since she was 14 years old, with 23 start her own company designing and making by herself pants, dresses, suits and everything she can. Now at 37 she discover and innovate a new line of bags focus, produced and designed according personalities and tastes of modern women.

Cordova Jewerly

Hellen Nicte Córdova Roulet is a single mother of a beautiful girl, she is been working jewelry first as a therapy and then she start a small business with her ability and creativity. She has had a very tough life, but she is also a leader on a movement against violence and women trafficking in her town Salama. Nicte is an amazing women entrepreneur.

Scents from Iris

Tart doing art crafts at 26 and by 48 start a small company focusing on body soaps and scents. Now a day she produce an organic line of body soaps with personality and specific designs, she sells that product on small business and as merchandise for different companies and events.


We are a creative marketing and communications agency that aims to enhance our clients brand awareness by delivering creative results-driven ideas, improving their visibility and fostering their growth.


Inés Rosales, with more than 100 years of history, specializes in making traditional Andalusian baked goods. We hand-craft our products and employ premium quality ingredients such as extra virgin olive oil.


Arthavision is a woman-owned multicultural production company specialized in the production of documentaries, videos news releases, public service announcements and feature videos as well as language adaptations and news packages on a wide variety of topics.